3 responses to “feminism

  1. James, you can see how long they have been pushing the same old wage-gap issue
    RTS: Thomas Sowell Dismantles Racialism and Feminism in under 5 Minutes

    And Equality of Outcome approach is pretty much official policy in many circles
    Thomas Sowell Dismantles Egalitarianism (Frances Fox Piven Edition)

    • Hi Astrokid NJ,

      I’ve seen both of these videos before (plus others) and for the most part I agree with the brilliant Thomas Sowell on issues related to gender, race, and economics (but his views on foreign policy – not so much). But thanks for posting the videos anyway. Visitors who are not familiar with his work will now have chance to hear what he has to say. You see, not all of us “people of color” like to wallow in victim-hood and in my opinion the more people understood this the better the world will be!

      • James, I learnt about Thomas Sowell (and his book ‘Vision of the Anointed’) only recently, and added his book to my TODO list. I am also a “person of colour” .. Indian living in Northeast US now.. and I could see through feminism’s (and more importantly, the underlying gynocentrism) bullshit in just a few months of research. But it baffles me how the white guys here are so fucking brainwashed.. When I went to the Reason Rally with a fellow atheist, I spent many hours explaining things.. but he’s convinced that women are oppressed even to this day! And I remember talking to one young college-age guy.. who’s been discriminated against due to college quotas for women here.. but he’s internalised a ‘women are wonderful, men are lousy’ meme and even has some loathing towards other men.. esp those of low status (garbage pickers, drug-abuse “criminals” etc).. These things come out only if we get past superficial conversations and dig deep, and its very surreal.
        The atheist/skeptic communities being largely Left-leaning have completely failed w.r.t seeing through this bullshit. The conservative scholars have seen through this to an extent (for e.g Kate O’ Bierne’s interview with Dennis Prager on her book ‘how some women have made the world worse’), but atheists/skeptics have decided to rubbish anything coming from the Right, and even have an air of intellectual and moral superiority! We sure are in a mess here.

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